3-Bedroom Villa Bali for Romantic Retreat in Seminyak

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Digitalmarketingproperty.com – Have you planned your upcoming honeymoon? Have you planned for the family vacation? Do you plan to go to Bali? We suggest you to book the 3 bedroom villa bali.  There are plenty options regarding this kind of villa. Of course, it is perfect for a small family that wants to travel to Bali. It is suitable for a newly wed couple too. We have listed some villas which is very romantic.

Villa Cinta in Villa Bugis Drupadi

Opt for Seminyak if you want to visit one of the famous cities in Bali. There is Villa Bugis Drupadi which provides 3 bedroom villa bali feature. In this villa, you can book for Villa Cinta. You can walk within 5 minutes to the nearby beach. There is direct access to many restaurants, pubs, and bars too. What make this villa even better is the garden bathtubs in the private area. Villa Bugis Drupadi has several types of room and villa. A couple, a small family, and a group of friends can stay here for short or long time stay in Seminyak.

Villa Kubu 3

For a taste of Balinese ambience, you should stay in Villa Kubu 3. The villa is decorated with Balinese furniture and décor. It makes you feel like being at home. It is very comfortable, providing you both peace and close access to technology at once. If you want a spa treatment, Villa Kubu 3 provides you the in-room service for this. The villa is quite close to the beach. With 15 minutes walking, you can arrive there. The villa itself is also 3 bedroom villa bali.  But, you can opt for one or two bedrooms if you want.

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Umah Maya

Another choice for stay in Seminyak is Umah Maya. You can spend your day on the hammocks. It is hung next to the swimming pool. Thus, you can laze all the day and enjoy the water. Once you go out, you will meet many restaurants, shops, and beach. The romantic and homey ambience can be felt throughout the villa. It is completed with many books and DVDs that can accompany your stay.

The Layar – Villa 8

Once you arrive in this villa, you will be welcomed with a tropical garden. The Layar – Villa 8 has stunning roof design, which makes it very attractive. This one is also included in 3 bedroom villa bali that can be chosen for your stay in Seminyak. The villa is completed with swimming pool and Jacuzzi, television, and spa treatment feature. Its location, which is at the heart of Seminyak, makes it easier to be accessed.

Rumi Villas – Villa Jepun

This villa is located near Jalan Laksamana. It is near to many shops, bars, and restaurants. It is quite easy to reach the beach from Rumi Villas too. The Villa Jepun has three bedrooms which can be used for a newly wed couple or a small family with kids. Although the garden isn’t too spacious, you can enjoy large swimming pool. The villa is so quiet thus making the ambience feels so nice.

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