Choosing Modern Wooden Doors Design

Posted on – Wooden doors are becoming quite a trend in the modern and minimalistic modern interior design. But, choosing the perfect modern wooden doors design for your house is not an easy task. Here are several pointers that you need to keep in when choosing a wooden door for your house.

Type and Model

There is plenty of modern wooden doors design in the market. It is your job as a house owner to be able to match your door to your entire home décor. For example, you might want to choose French or Italian wooden door for a more minimalistic and posh design. The polish look will match well with the clean look of minimalistic interior design. You can also pick Balinese or African wooden door for a slightly more ethnic options. They also work well for a luxurious modern home interior design.

Wood Material

The type of wood itself is quite important in choosing the right modern wooden doors design for your house. For a luxurious and grand house design, you might want to choose a heavier and thicker material such as oak, cedar, and mahogany. But for a more minimalistic design, try something a little bit lighter such as cherry wood, pine, or even rattan wood.

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