Choosing Your Wooden Furniture

Posted on – Wooden furniture may not be your thing, however you should also know a little bit about it because at least once in your life, you will need to make the purchase of the solid wood furniture.

Wood Source

Tip number one of choosing the solid wood furniture is to know the wood source. There are different types of wood, there are the hard wood, the soft wood, and also the engineered wood. The type of wood can be the best factor to determine the strength of the furniture and will it be able to stand the taste of time. Usually, the high quality of solid wood furniture is made of several types of wood such as teak, oak, maple, cherry and mahogany. However, the quality of the wood will be depending on the process of drying.


The construction of the furniture will be another determining point on the strength of the furniture. Pay attention to the joints and screws of the piece to get the approximate knowledge on the strength. Good joints will also be the ones to have dowels and screws, but stapled is never a good sign. If you see joints that are stapled together, then it is the sign for you to get away because it will not have the stability and strength that you are expecting.

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