Clean the Old Window Air Conditioner

Posted on – Some people find that their old window air conditioner is still okay but they feel that it doesn’t run properly. The performance is not too good but it cannot be said that it is broken. So, we do need to find out why it performs like that. Some service agents might suggest you to clean them up.

Clean the Old Air conditioner

It is not easy for sure to clean up your old window air conditioner because you need to know the area that has the problem. So the first thing to do is by locating the filter. It needs to be cleaned or replaced for every 6 months. In the dusty area or you might have pet, you might need to clean it more often. You also need to check out the coil. This is absolutely good to clean the evaporator coil one time in a year.

Check the Drain Hole

The drain hole is a very important thing here. We do need to check out the front grille. You need to remove it to expose the drain hole. If it is blocked, use the wire clothes hanger to unblock it. You also can replace the grille of the old window air conditioner too if it is needed.

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