Covered Patio Inspiration

Posted on – There are just so many reasons why people want to build and create nice covered patio designs. These reasons become the inspirations on the designs. Here are some of the models for the covered patio designs.

The Winter Welcome Patio

Like its name, this patio is designed to be used during the winter. Even during the winter we need to be able to sit outside comfortably. There is an open area on the sides of the patio to give a breeze of the outside garden but at the same time, the patio can also give you the comfort of the rooms. This patio is great for the gathering of friends while enjoying light conversation over wine. It would be nice to have a fireplace at the focal point of the area.

The Poolside Patio

The poolside is always a great place to have a relaxing activity. This is why we need covered patio designs for this area to enhance its functions. Imagine that you have invited some friends for a barbeque afternoon but the weather is not as nice as you thought it would be. The covered patio will save the day for you so that you can still have the patio at the poolside despite the rain.

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