Different Types of Contemporary Pendant Lighting

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Digitalmarketingproperty.com – Pendant lighting is a lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling to light your room. This lighting mounts on wire, cable, chain, or stem that separate this lighting from close to the ceiling lights. Commonly, pendant lights have central light source. Today pendant lights are available in a wide array start from the mini pendant lights to multi light pendant lights that allow you to easily choose which is the best pendant for your home. Contemporary pendant lighting can be a good accessories and lighting for your kitchen countertop. They are available in many options to choose.

Mini Pendant Lighting

Mini pendant lighting is actually the smaller shape of common pendant. This contemporary pendant lighting will make your space a modern and contemporary feel. Mini pedant lights tend to be pointed downward that making them ideal for task lighting in the kitchen. Consider to use multiple mini pendant lights for table, counter, or buffet.

Drum Pendant Light

This contemporary pendant lighting is one of the most popular pendants for modern home designs. Drum pendant lighting is a cylinder shape of fabric, glass or stainless steel that make it seems like a drum. Drum pendants are great both for transitional and contemporary settings.

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