Different Types of Fluorescent Light Fixtures

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Digitalmarketingproperty.com – Fluorescent light fixtures are considered as excellent light source. These lights work by giving impressive amount of light while using little energy. Fluorescent lamp uses electric to excite mercury vapor. Mercury atoms provide short wave uv light that cause a phosphor to fluoresce to provide light. Today, fluorescent lights are still popularly used in homes and commercial buildings because it provides great amount of lights. This kind of light fixtures are available in many different types include circline, T8, T5, T4,T2, and compact fluorescent lights.

T12 Bulbs and T8 Bulbs

These fluorescent light fixtures actually are the oldest type of fluorescent fixtures. These lights are bulkier, bigger, and the price is relative affordable. However, they are not efficient bulb because it needs a lot of energy. T8 bulbs start much faster than T12. However, it is more expensive. These lights are great at starting at various temperatures.

T5 and T5H0 Bulbs

T5 bulb is the smaller version of other fluorescent light fixtures. This bulb is space saver because it is measured at only 5/8 inch but it still provide same amount lighting as the larger ones. These light fixtures are ideal for countertops and lower ceilings. If you want to look fluorescent light that provide brighter light, T5H0 bulbs are ideal choice. These light fixtures are great for rooms with taller ceilings.

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