Finding the Most Fascinating Place in Bali

Posted on – Bali still becomes the favorite tour destination in Indonesia till now.  It also becomes the popular island that takes Indonesia as the popular country with best beaches in the world. So, let’s find the factors that make Bali becomes the beautiful Island.

Bali becomes the main destination of tourist because it provides complete package. Besides serving you many beautiful beaches, it also provides you home stays. Those home stays divided into variable kinds. You can find hotels, villas, and resorts there. Besides that, those home stays also have variable concept with unique architectures.

For you who have a plan to spend your holidays in Bali, this is the right time for you to be here. This article will give you the best information about Bali dream villa. Keep reading here! You will get the villa that you dream so long time. Happy reading!

Of course, you have heard that Bali has so many beautiful places to visit. Basically, somebody cannot deny that there is not bad place in Bali. All of places has unique view and attract many people to go there.

One of beautiful places in Bali is Uluwatu. There, you can find the beautiful hill. This hill is separated from the land. So, it looks like a new island in Uluwatu. You can visit this hill from the airport easily. There is also cliff hanging temple. It will give you different sense when you visit there. Besides that, there is also popular beach in Uluwatu. It is the best beach for you to get surfing.

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So, there are so many surprised places for you in Uluwatu. Besides beautiful places, Uluwatu also has Bali dream villa. Yes, Bali provides you beautiful villas in Uluwatu. What is Bali dream villa? So, check about it below!

Bali Dream Villa by Majestic Water Village

Bali provides home stay for you who visit Uluwatu. The home stay is the villa with unique architecture. Besides that, it also uses the water concept for the building. What is water concept? Well, it means the villa building is dominated by water area.

There, you will find some water pools with small waterfalls around the building where you stay. The concept also means to make you closer to the nature. The architecture uses the OASE Simplicity concept. It gives you the new experience to be closer with water source.

Besides that, it also has environmental concept where you can see the green garden with waterfalls. There are also some fruit plants with the bird groups. So, you will hear different audio source by those birds. It will really make you can unite with the nature.

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