How to Build Your Own Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Posted on – When you have a kitchen remodel then it is most likely that you also use kitchen sink cabinet to simplify all elements that you put in your kitchen so you could save some more space there. And surely you could order the right model of that kitchen element for your kitchen but do you know that you could build or make it yourself? Here are simple instructions you could follow.


When you want to make your own kitchen sink cabinet, you need to know the detailed measurement of the materials you will use. For instance, you need two units of ½ inch plywood that measure 24-inch wide and 30-inch tall and the one that has the same width but 35-inch tall. After preparing both of those, you need to connect them with wood glue.

What Are the Next Steps?

And after connecting those two, you could cut the back section of your sink base cabinet for water system. Then you just need to add that sink on top of the plywood that you have been connected earlier and do not forget to make sure that you have applied enough glue so your kitchen sink cabinet would be quite strong and well-built.

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