How To Create Blue and Orange Living Room

Posted on – Many people like blue color because this color brings some positive things to our mind such as calm, peace, cheerful and free, so does the orange color. Yup both of them are energizing colors, so it will be a crazy idea to mix and match them all at once. However, the thing is not working that way if you know how to combine both of them to create magnificent blue and orange living room. Do you want to know how? Let’s see these ones!

Measure The Power of Both Colors

Basically blue and orange are the complimentary colors in which it is risky to use both, so if you want to take this challenge, you must be able to measure the boldness of the color. For living room, it is okay to choose the bright blue and orange because it can energize the mood of the entire room. This combination is very suitable for modern and contemporary style of the house.

Which One is For The Furniture?

Well, if you are hesitant to splash blue and orange altogether in the wall, you can make an alternative to fill one of them in the furniture. Blue is suitable for the wall with orange furniture to make it nice. Paint the wall with blue color and combine it with orange sofa. Hang the photo frame in bright color along the wall, so the eyes will get refreshment by the combination

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