How to Design Small Living Room

Posted on – Nowadays, it’s a truth that in a lot of new home constructions, the chance is high that both your family room and living room are smaller.  We can do many things to design small living room so that it can appear visually larger. There are methods to utilize larger scale furniture and darker colors within smaller spaces. Nevertheless, their efficient usage needs keen eyes.  If you are planning to design a small living room confidently, then you can try these following ideas.

Get the Right Furniture

First, select the right furniture and search for one that has light color and legs. Brighter colors absorb less visual weight. Besides, the legs present an unhindered look of the floor. It lets the space to look more open.  End tables and coffee tables in glass and metal can also let our eyes to move throughout the pieces using up small visual space. On contrary, furniture made from dark wood brings the opposite effect, so it can’t work well when we design small living room.

Weaken the Dominators

If there is a sectional or sofa that you have to maintain and unluckily it dominates your room, then you should paint the walls certain hue that is a little brighter than the upholstery. That way, our eyes will view across the room instead of being stuck on the sofa.

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