How to Make Concrete Countertops

Posted on – Having a concrete countertop is so essential for most homeowners. You can even make your own concrete countertop if you want. Creating your own concrete countertop will allow you to get the personal style you’ve always desired. Simply read the following tips for making concrete countertop.

Making a Concrete Countertop

Many people want to know how to make concrete countertops. Well, it’s actually quite simple. Before starting the DIY project, you may need to ask your carpenter first if your cabinet is able to hold the new countertop. And then, remove the old countertop and measure the cabinet. The next step is to build the countertop mold, which is made of dual-sided laminate melamine. After that, mix the cement carefully. This step is quite difficult for beginners. Pour the mixture into the mold afterwards and leave it two to four days.

The Countertop Installation

After it’s dried, it’s time to reveal the mold. This stage is quite challenging because the concrete is so vulnerable. Next, prepare the countertop for installation. Sand the top with grit paper and palm sander for the best result. Apply water-based sealer to seal the concrete and let it dry. Finally, install the countertop. Make sure to get help from some friends to lift and lower the countertop.

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