How to Treat Your Wooden Front Door

Posted on – Wooden front doors for homes are the common choices of most people in this country. There is good reason why wood door become so popular. Like, it give your house natural touch, it’s also good insulator and many more. However, you must know that wood need special maintenance to make it last longer. So, here are few methods you can use to do that.

First wooden front doors for homes treatment you need to do are use 220 sandpaper to sand it lightly. After you sand its entire surface, wipe it with damp cloth. It will remove dust and dirt, also to prepare the surface for next step. Next, use paint thinner to remove the sealant and clean the surface. When you do this process, make sure you wear mask and gloves to protect yourself from the thinner chemical substance. Next, use polyurethane with paintbrush and apply it on entire surface of your wooden door. Make sure you apply it on every part of your door. Wait for 24 hours until it’s dry and your wooden front door will be last longer.

You can do the maintenance for wooden front doors for homes by yourself. You can get everything that you need from local store, so, it wouldn’t be a problem for you.

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