Kitchen Island Bar Designs

Posted on – Having a large kitchen room maybe is one of your dreams, and to make it real you have to find the best kitchen design for your house. If you love to cook while your family enjoy seeing you cook, then maybe the kitchen design idea of kitchen island bar will be great for you. This kitchen concept needs a wide space of room, and actually you can unite the dining room with the kitchen. Here are the top two designs that you can choose.

Sofa Couch Kitchen Design

Have you ever wonder of you set the sofa couch in the kitchen room? Maybe you will think this is not a good idea. But if you see the picture of sofa couch kitchen island bar design, you will love it so much. Your family can lay down in the couch while you are cooking for them. Please imagine how lovely it is?

Ceramics Kitchen Design

If you want to have a kitchen island bar, maybe ceramic is the best material you can apply. Your kitchen will look so elegant and clean. You can put five until seven chair in the ceramic bar table, and set the stove in front of the bar table. Your family will love the moment when you are cooking and they sit in front of you.

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