Luxurious Bali Villas for Sale in Four Exotic Locations

Posted on – Bali has everything there. You can escape from your routine stress there. You can enjoy a honeymoon in this God Island. You have the opportunity to enjoy summer sunshine in this beautiful island. Even, you can search for peace here. Staying in Bali is really worth. You should plan your visit to Bali. For long term stay in Bali, you will need a nice and comfortable villa. There are so many luxurious bali villas for sale. Buy one that you think suitable with your need.

Unlimited Luxury in Seminyak

Several bali villas for sale are located in Seminyak. Villas with luxurious and spacious features are the most wanted property in Seminyak. This city is chosen due to the hustle there. Many entertainment centers are located in this beautiful city too. You won’t miss the night life in Seminyak too. You can also see and observe the Balinese culture here, directly from the people. Many of the luxurious villas in Seminyak are located very near to the beach. This way, once you open the door, you can feel the warm breeze of the ocean. A villa can be around 1,500 sqm to 2,500 sqm. The price can be up to $7,000,000 for more than 10 bedrooms and bathroom. Of course, the villas are equipped with private swimming pool. It is also fully furnished. You shouldn’t worry about the maintenance because you already pay for it too.

Hillside Villa in Ungasan

For more peaceful feel, you should buy a villa in the hillside of Ungasan. You can get around 3 to 7 bedrooms and bathrooms in this area. With price around $5,000,000, you will get fully furnished villa, with air conditioned rooms, internet connection, televisions, kitchenette, bar, luxury spa, gym, and other equipments. In Ungasan,  bali villas for sale are many people’s favorite due to its view. The house captures the landscape of western and eastern coast. From the house too, you can enjoy the view of some volcanoes and mountains.

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Single Level Villa near Uluwatu Cliff

Uluwatu is known as one of the exotic places in Bali. You can find some bali villas for sale here too.  There are many villas on Uluwatu Cliff. But the most eccentric is the single level villa. It is enough for a small family with two children. The villa has private swimming pool and Balinese décor. Uluwatu villa is located on wide land plot. The land is decorated with tropical garden, making the house feels so peaceful and beautiful. You will be stunned with the view from the house. When you are swimming, you can enjoy the ocean view. It is also a nice place to hold a wedding ceremony.  You can go to Uluwatu Temple, the most famous temple in Bali, within few minutes.

Dramatic View from Balangan Cliff

You will get breath-taking view from this area. Balangan offers you the breeze of the sea and view toward the Indian Ocean. It is a spacious living space. With around 2,000 sqm land plot, you can enjoy multi level villa. The villa is equipped with swimming pool, modern kitchen, beautiful garden, and luxurious furniture. Once you want to visit a beach, you can walk to the nearby beach. You can get bali villas for sale with 3-5 bedrooms and bathrooms.

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