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The island of the gods and the endless tourism spots. Those names are really identical with Bali. And now, those impression is still there with more attractions and more pleasures of course. But when you really need a romantic place for honeymoon or just enjoying a holiday with your family, than you should find the right hotel for this. Course it is not difficult to find a hotel in Bali. But if you want something different, majestic water village is one thing that you have to take a look.

Luxury Outside and Inside

Luxury Villa in Bali is not a hotel. This is a luxury villa bali with the natural environment surround it. The buildings are well made and reflecting its luxury very well. All of them adopt the modern minimalist design combined with the natural touch around it. On the several buildings, there also a clear blue pool surround them. It gives a natural touch to the villa and makes it feels more relaxing for sure. This is just like the name which has known as majestic water village.

Inside the building, its luxury is just getting stronger. It looks clean, relaxing and modern. This is the concept that you can also see on the modern minimalist home design. It also featured by the modern minimalist furniture too. Overall, the interior decoration is really good. It brings the high quality comfort for sure and if feels homey actually.

The Location of Majestic Water Village

This luxury villa bali located at Uluwatu which is also known as the great spot for surfing. The beach is just great. Its impression is getting much better in the evening. When you are here, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset. More than it, you can enjoy it from the best angle.

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There are many attractions near this water village. Jumbaran, Uluwatu Sacred Temple and several favorite beaches can be accessed only for 10 minutes. You can also reach Garuda Wisnu Kencana only in 15 minutes. Access to the airport is also pretty easy. This is because its location that can be reached only in 30 minutes.

Not just for Living but also For Investment

Unlike a hotel, Luxury Villa in Bali is available to buy. It is like apartment or a home in a housing complex. People can buy it for a living place or for investment. During the vacation, it can be a good destination too. Instead of living in a hotel, course it will be more fun to live in a villa. More interestingly, live in the private villa.

Luxury Villa in Bali is the good investment. Every year, the value grows about 9% up to 20%. Considering about the location and the Bali itself, course it makes a sense. The limited land is the other reason why this villa can be so precious. The high tourist growth rate also affects to the value of the investment too. Having luxury villa bali is not just giving a proud or the additional destination in Bali. It can also be a good way to invest your money. You can also visit the official site to find out more.

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