Modern Living Room TV

Posted on – When you are discussing about modern living room TV, it does not really mean the TV itself, but far more than that. It is already clear that modern TV commonly refers to flat surface ones, with large screen and elegant look (which is usually created by the black color). However, this modern sophisticated TV will not work well with the modernity if you cannot combine it with other aspects, such as the placement and the furniture around.


First thing to consider is the placement of TV. Generally, people put their television in their living room –while some others choose to have special room for entertainment–. It is not really important about which room you are going to place the television in, actually.

The more important one is how you place it. Modern living room TV placement ideas include the wall TV and unique TV shelf. For wall TV, you will need to leave certain space in your living room wall to locate the television. If you pick the second option, it means that you need a modern unique shelf or table to put the TV.

More importantly, you have to be able to choose the right angle, corner, or any part of the living room; in order that your family members or guests can enjoy the TV program comfortably.

Living Room Furniture

Modern living room TV will look so great without the existence of modern furniture on it. For modern look, you can choose large size sofa, small but nice table, and other furniture which reflect modernity. Do not put too much furniture there, because modern living room tends to be more spacious.

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