The Best Small Home Design

Posted on –  There are many people who choose to build small home because it is more affordable. When the price of land and property is in rebound, many people have no choice but to buy or build small one. Despite its size, many people are not sure they are able to make it perfectly suit them. But, it’s just the matter how to design it.

Make It Look Larger

In small home design there are some ways to make rooms look larger. Firstly, choose the right side of windows and the glass used. The window must be not too big and the glass doesn’t have any motifs. Install them in right space to let the sunshine enters the room. Secondly, only bring home the right furniture. Furniture with simple design is perfect for small home design. Thirdly, put mirror on the corner of the room to bring effect of larger room. It must be not too big but useful enough for the owner. Fourthly, use bright color for printing and avoid striking colors for floor. Lastly, pay attention to lighting and where to put the lamps. White and yellow light are suitable for small home.

Efficient Space

Beside those tips, there is a must-to-do thing in small home design that is exploiting every space. Try to learn where you can use small space as storage like under the stair and sink. To put your smaller stuffs, make it beautiful by putting them on shelf on the wall.

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