The Goodness of Staying in Villa Bali

Posted on – Villa hotel Bali is always sought by many tourist when they are about to go to Bali in vacation. Bali is just one of the most incredibly beautiful places in the whole world. Bali is a province in Indonesia. It is a separated island and has many beautiful beaches where the tourist can do many things such as sunbathing, sightseeing, snorkeling, scuba diving and of course surfing. In Bali you can enjoy the hospitality from the society, the richness of the Hinduism culture, the unique Balinese dishes that will spoil your tongue and so on. When you are staying in Bali, you can choose to stay in hotel or in villa. Hotel and villa has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nowadays, the recent trend is staying in villa hotel Bali. It is basically hotel but can give you the goodness of staying in villa. If you have no idea about the goodness of staying in villa, below is the explanation.

  1. You Can Get Total Privacy

Staying in a private villa is perfect for the tourists who love to experience an enjoyable total privacy. It can also make the tourists experience a flawless Balinese lifestyle. The tourist will be able to enjoy the absolute beauty of a luxurious private villa. Almost all villas in Bali is completed with fully air-conditioned bedrooms, spacious living room, spacious dining room, luxurious tropical bathrooms, wonderful terraces to enjoy the amazing sight of Bali, a vast green garden to spoil your eyes, large swimming pool, and so on. Every villa also provides services for professional house staffs whose skills and hospitality in serving the guests are very nice. Basically, you will get the comfortable feeling and the informality just like when you are staying at home.

  1. More Family Time
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When you go to Bali with your family, staying in a private villa will be perfect because you will get more family time. If you stay in a hotel room, your family will stuck with only a room with two beds, some chairs, TV sets, and small bathroom. If you stay in a private villa, your family will be able to enjoy more space such as living room, dining room, and so on. Your family can also be less formal and can get better privacy. The service that the staff in a personal villa gives you is even better than what you can get from a hotel.

  1. Save More Money

If you stay in a private villa, you will be able to save more money because you do not have to order foods and drinks every day. When you are staying at a private villa that has a spacious kitchen with complete cooking equipments, you can bring more fun to the family trip by cooking your own meal. You can ask the staff to order some groceries for you. You can also buy drinks, snacks, and wine from supermarket, unlike in the hotel where you have to order them from the hotel with much higher price.

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