The Right Location for You to Invest Villas In Bali

Posted on – Bali is the right place for you to invest property. There are so many kinds of property. It can be hotels, villas, and resorts. Why Bali becomes the right place? Well, there are so many factors that make Bali becomes the right place for property investment.

First, Bali is the tour gate for Indonesia. It has land about 5,600 km2 with 3.9 million people. Then, 80% of Bali’s economic development is the tourism sector. Bali also becomes the fourth rank of the best tourism places in the world. Then, Four Seasons Hotel in Jimbaran, Bali got the achievement of the best Spa hotel of Asia in 2010. Besides that, Ayana Hotel also becomes the number one Spa hotel in the world by Conde Naste’s, The Traveler Magazine.

Second, the tourist number in Bali increases fast per year. In 2012, Bali was visited by 2.9 million foreign tourists. Then it increases about 10% per year. Meanwhile for the domestic tourists, there are 5 million local tourists who visited Bali in 2012. It also increases about 16% per year.

That’s why developing infrastructure in Bali is important. Indonesia has developed the airport facilities and toll road. Besides that, Indonesia also needs to develop the home stay facilities for tourists. One of the ways to increase the home stay facilities is by developing the property numbers there. So, having property in Bali can give you many benefits. Then, the price will also increase fast per year. Well, this is your time to invest property there. Here is the best information for you about villas for sale in Bali. It can be recommended property investment for you. Check it below!

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The Right Location for You to Invest Villas

Bali really needs some hotels and villas to give the best service for foreign and local tourists there. It will be visited by tourist with the fast number increasing. It is about 10% of foreign tourist and 16% of local tourists.

Well, Uluwatu is the best place for you to invest the villa. It has some attracted places for tourists. There are the popular beach for surfing and the hanged temple of a cliff. Besides that, there is also beautiful view of sunset. Many foreign tourists choose Uluwatu as their tour destination.

Finding Villas for Sale in Bali

Now, this is your time to find villas for sale in Bali. Well, with the water concept,Bali provides you villas for sale. You will get some benefits of having villas in Bali. Why? It is because villa by Bali is the only villa with water concept in Asia. So, it will attract many tourists to visit there.

Besides that, the villas also have unique architecture. It uses simplicity architecture by Germany concept in 1950’s. It raises theme to respect to the nature. There, you will get villa with waterfalls and water pools. So, the people who stay there will feel like live with water.

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