Two Ways To Make Simple Living Room Design

Posted on – Do you know how to gain many admirers from your guest? The key is very simple and easy, you juts need to find a way how to decorate your living room. This part of the house is an absolute sample for the luxury of a house, but it does not mean that you have to buy a lot of fancy furniture just to make it wonderful. By creating simple living room design in perfect combination, your living room will be awesome

Cheerful Reds

Simplicity is mostly reflected with simple color like white, but now you will see that bold color like red can present the nice simple idea. For the living room, choose the red cherry color to decorate the entire wall and combine it with white color in the edge of the wall and fireplace. Combine this color with dark furniture such as black couch, silver mirror and white desk lamp.

Simple Patterned Decoration

Now we try another method to create a simple design for living room. You can play with patterned curtain or valance which is combined with patterned couch. Do not forget to cover your sitting lamp with patterned cover too to harmonize the room. To final touch, you can use dark colored carpet. Just a recommendation, if you want to apply this method, make sure that the room uses clear color to accentuate the pattern play

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