Key of Modern Architecture Design

Posted on – Recently, people will not just live in the house where they can sleep and do various activities but they need the living place where they can enjoy their life within. It is sure that people will plan about their house very well so they can get the function, comfort, as well as beauty which can make the living place more meaningful. There is no question that the architecture aspect should be planned properly and modern architecture design becomes the choice for many people who want to have the best house.

Modern Architecture Points

Bored with the monotony of suburbia? So was Harry Seidler when he arrived from America in 1948.
The potential of the Australian landscape fascinated him, but our boxy homes did not. As a result he embraced a modernist philosophy to create this liveable, functional sculptural home for his parents Rose and Max. However, their Viennese furniture was all but banned from the house by Seidler who favoured features such as open-plan living spaces, minimal colour schemes and built in wardrobes. Thanks to Harry they all made their Australian debuts here
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When people are talking about modern architecture design for their home, minimalist design will be chosen because it represents the lifestyle of modern people who love anything simple and practical. There is no question that the minimalist application should be applied in various parts of the house but of course the architecture becomes the most important thing. Because it is minimalist design, it must be strange for people to put complicated architecture decoration as well as application in their house.

The function should be made as the most important concern but it does not mean that this kind of architecture will not look beautiful or interesting because the beauty is placed in the simplicity and minimalist application in the house.

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