Modern Small Bedroom Ideas for your House

Posted on – One of the trends in the modern interior design world is the creation of small bedroom to match with the small yet effective modern living space. And to that, here are a couple of modern small bedroom ideas to be applied in your houses.

Hotel Inspired Décor

One of the most popular modern small bedroom ideas of designs are influenced by the stylish décor of hotel room. You can go a little bit more simplistic and comfy by adding hotel bedding, flower arrangement and all around calming white paints for your bedroom. Or, you can go all out by adding a sexier and warmer atmosphere such as the one that you might find in a vacation hotel. You can do that by adding dramatic draping in the windows, beige and red color palette, and framed motif beddings to add glamour.

Minimalistic Chic

Another trademark of modern small bedroom ideas is always the presence of minimalistic, futuristic, and modern touch through symmetrical and geometry designs. Neutral and beige colors will be the most dominant colors for your room palette. But you can add a few of bright colors to make it pop and modern. Sturdy bed covers will certainly add another dimension of modernity in your bedrooms.

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